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How to Write Clear English 3

前回書いた "Elements of Style""On Writing Well" はどちらも一般向けの英語ライティングテキストだが、この "Economical Writing" は経済学を対象にしたライティング講座である。経済学者が書いたものだけあって、「脚注で学者ぶるな」「エレガントな言い回しはやめろ」と、皮肉をピリピリ効かせた comical writing がとてもよい。小さくて薄いコンパクトな一冊なのだが、内容はなかなかに濃ゆい。論文を書きながらちっぽけな自己満足に浸りそうなときには、ここにある辛目のアドバイスで気を引き締めようと思う。

Why You Should Not Stop Reading Here
1. Writing Is the Economist’s Trade
2. Writing Is Thinking
3. Rules Can Help, But Bad Rules Hurt
4. Be Thou Clear; But for Lord’s Sake Have Fun, Too
5. The Rules Are Factual Rather Than Logical
6. Classical Rhetoric Guides Even the Economical Writer
7. Fluency Can Be Achieved by Grit
8. Write Early Rather Than Late
9. You Will Need Tools
10. Keep Your Spirits Up, Forge Ahead
11. Speak to an Audience of Human Beings
12. Avoid Boilerplate
13. Control Your Tone
14. Paragraphs Should Have Points
15. Make Tables, Graphs, and Displayed Equations Readable
16. Footnotes Are Nests for Pedants
17. Make Your Writing Cohere
18. Use Your Ear
19. Write in Complete Sentences
20. Avoid Elegant Variation
21. Watch How Each Word Connects with Others
22. Watch Punctuation
23. The Order Around Switch Until It Good Sounds
24. Read, Out Loud
25. Use Verbs, Active Ones
26. Avoid Words That Bad Writers Love
27. Be Concrete
28. Be Plain
29. Avoid Cheap Typographical Tricks
30. Avoid This, That, These, Those
31. Above All, Look at Your Words
If You Didn’t Stop Reading, Join the Flow

Economical Writing

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