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Economist 誌の記事 "Cities and data: By the numbers" では、シカゴやニューヨーク等で、行政データを公開活用する事例が紹介されている。

Many cities around the country find themselves in a similar position: they are accumulating data faster than they know what to do with. One approach is to give them to the public.(中略)Another way of doing it is simply to publish the raw data and hope that others will figure out how to use them.

以前「ビッグデータの時代と、"Data Without Borders"」で書いたように、似たようなオープンデータの取り組みはいくつもあり、それこそどの行政とどの組織とどのプログラマが、どれだけ優れたアイデアを出し、使えるアプリを開発するかを競っているようである。

・Open Government Initiative by the White House

・Code for America

イギリスにおいても、グラスゴーを実験都市とした、£24m の Future Cities プロジェクトが始まった。今後どんな実験成果が報告されてくるか、大変に興味深い。

Glasgow's Future Cities programme will show how an integrated approach to technology can increase economic competitiveness, provide a legacy of innovation and improved service delivery and real benefits that improve the quality of life for everyone in the city – benefits that will be felt for decades to come.

The city will become a testbed for the UK for the next 18 months, as we explore new and innovative approaches and realise the potential value of open data and the integration of city systems, so stay tuned to find out how we get on.

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